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The #1 countdown timer for Disney and Universal vacations


You get a huge set of theme wallpapers built right in so you can truly make the app feel like your own. Wallpapers for all US Disney and Universal parks, as well as Disney Cruise.

Want to make it even more your own? Select a photo from your device library to use your own images.


Full support for two sizes of iOS 14+ widgets so you can check your vacation countdown right from your home screen. Updates in real time and uses the same wallpaper you choose in the main app.


Full support for Siri Shortcuts means you can set up a shortcut to check your vacation countdown, for any ride, in any park. Simply configure Siri in the app, then ask Siri to “check my vacation countdown”.

Better still, it works on any Apple device that support Siri, including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. And, if you’re a power user, you can incorporate a countdown shortcut right into your Shortcuts app workflows.


Anyone that has planned a Disney vacation knows that there are tons of things you need to do in the lead-up to your arrival. Luckily, Countdown by Magical Trip Guide has you covered, with a useful Vacation To-Do list, including automatic due dates, and the ability to get reminders either via push, calendar events, or the iOS reminders app.