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Wait Times

The #1 in-park companion for Disney and Universal theme parks


Do you find yourself frequently checking the wait times for your favorite rides, only to find that they never seem to dip at the right moment? Wait Times by Magical Trip Guide can help take the guess-work out of getting the jump on a low wait time.

Simply favorite a ride and configure Low Wait Alerts with a time threshold of your choosing. The minute the ride wait time drops, you’ll get a push notification to let you know.


Get wait times for all the rides at major US theme parks from both Disney and Universal. No need to even choose a park, Wait Times by Magical Trip Guide will automatically show you the park nearest your current location whenever you open the app.

Rides are beautifully presented in a list that gives you all the relevant information at a glance. Don’t see the ride you want? Search by both ride name and park area name.


Full support for Siri Shortcuts means you can set up a shortcut to check ride wait times, for any ride, in any park. Simply configure Siri in the app, then ask Siri to “check ride times”.

Better still, it works on any Apple device that support Siri, including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. And, if you’re a power user, you can incorporate a wait time shortcut right into your Shortcuts app workflows.


  • “Ride Now” gives you a list of rides that are near your current location in a park and have low wait times.
  • Save your most used rides to your Favorites list for quick access at any time.
  • See any ride on a map alongside the current distance from you. Or, see all the rides in a given park on a map, color-coded by wait time.
  • Full support for iOS features such as Dark Mode, and accessibility ready for Voice Over and Dynamic Type.