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20 Things Every Savvy Walt Disney World Guest Packs in their Park Bag

By January 18, 2020Tips & Tricks

It can be overwhelming to think of what you may need for a day in one of the Disney parks. It is possible that you may be spending 12-14 hours touring, so it is important to pack a bag that will aide you in whatever your day throws at you. I have put together some of my essential items in this post.


1. You can’t go anywhere without your MagicBands, so make sure if you aren’t wearing them, that they are packed and readily accessible.
2. Your ID as well as cash and credit cards. While it is very easy to pay with your MagicBand, make sure you have a back up payment method, in case the machine to accept MagicBand payment is down, or if the vendor only takes cash.
3. Park Maps. If you are staying on Disney property the lobby of your hotel will have park maps for all of the Disney Parks. Grab one before you get to the park, so you have time to decide on your plan of action once you arrive.
4. Autograph Books and Pens. If you or your children want autographs from their favorite characters, make sure that you’ve put these in your bags.


5. Your phone! This is important, not just because of your access to your touring party, but because your My Disney Experience account has all the information regarding dining reservations, FastPasses, and more.
6. Portable Charger. You are going to use your phone, a lot. From the My Disney Experience app to taking photos of all the cute things your kids are doing, the battery is sure to drain before you are ready to go back to your resort. Having a portable charger will make sure you aren’t left without a usable phone.

Weather Related

7. Sunscreen is a must. Even if you are visiting in January, the sun will be out and could be hot. Make sure you don’t get a sun burn at the most magical place on earth.
8. Being outside a lot, you will want sunglasses or a hat to protect your eyes from that midday sun.
9. If you’ve ever visited Florida before, you know it can rain a lot, especially during the summer months. Grab a rain poncho from home or one in the parks, and make sure to pack it every morning before you leave.
10. In case you get wet, due to the rain or a wet ride, pack an extra set of clothes or at the very least an extra pair of socks in your park bag.

For Fun

11. Pin Trading is something that many adults and kids participate in at Walt Disney World. If you are interested in trading, make sure to bring the pins you want to trade with you to the park.
12. There are many penny presses throughout the different parks, all with different images. Make sure you bring loose change, including pennies, if you want to make unique pressed pennies.
13. Want to keep your kids entertained while waiting for the night time shows? Pack a few small fun items for them to play with, like glow sticks or bubbles.

Food and Beverage

14. Snacks are so important, you never know how your day may go, so in order to avoid some hangry meltdowns, pack some snacks in your bag. You can also get the snacks delivered to your hotel room so you don’t have to cart them from home.
15. Also bring a few bottles of water. Unless you have a cooler bag, I don’t recommend bringing more than a few bottles as they will get warm throughout the day, but a few to help you get through the morning will save you some money.
16. If you are a gum chewer make sure to bring your own, as it is not sold at Disney Parks or Disney Resorts.
17. Ziplock Bags are on of the most versatile items to have in your park bag. You can use them to take left overs from breakfast or lunch, or you can use them to put wet clothes in, so that those clothes don’t make your entire bag wet. I always keep a few of each size in my bag ready to go.


  1. Hand Sanitizer is a great item to keep in your park bag, or you can get the ones that attach to a bag zipper.
  2. I carry wipes with me everywhere, not just at Disney World. They are great for wiping down messy tables and for wiping messes off your face or hands.
  3. Last, but not least — a mini first aid kit! I tend to bring loads of health and wellness stuff to Disney World in case one of us may get sick, but I don’t want to lug it all to the park. The most important for me are band-aids, pain reliever, and anti-itch cream/Neosporin. If I need something else while in the park I will go to the first aid stations, and they can help.

Wrapping Up: Pack for the unexpected

As you can see there are plenty of items to bring to the park, but they don’t take up a lot of space. What is your number one item to bring in your park bag? Drop them it the comments below. Or, until next time have a magical trip!

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