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Disney Inspired Outfits for Families: Magic Kingdom Edition

By January 7, 2019Tips & Tricks

One of the fun things families may want to do on their trip to Disney World is to wear Disney Inspired Outfits. They may match a theme or be more in line with Disneybounding. Disneybounding is a more fashionable way to dress like a character. Disneybounders use everyday clothing to emulate a particular character. This is a great way for adults to “dress up” but not violate the rules at Disney World, since adults are not allowed to wear costumes into the parks.

At the Magic Kingdom you have a plethora of options, there are lots of characters that meet and greet in this park, as well as rides and dining locations that reflect certain characters and movies.

The Little Mermaid

In Fantasyland there is an area themed like The Little Mermaid, and you would fit in well if you decided to use that movie or characters to build a Disney inspired outfit. You have the Under the Sea ride, you can meet Ariel in her Grotto, and there is a giant statue of King Triton, Ariel also is sometimes part of the character meet at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Some other great ideas would be: Prince Eric, Flounder, Sebastian, and Ursula.


Another great Disney Inspired route to take in your themed dress is Cinderella. You can meet Cinderella at Fairytale Hall, The Stepsisters and the Fairy Godmother show up at the character spot in Fantasyland. If you were up for leaving the park and heading to one of the monorail resorts, you may meet Lady Tremaine or Prince Charming at 1900 Park Fare Dinner at The Grand Floridian.

Mickey and Friends

One of the obvious themes at Magic Kingdom for Disney inspired outfits would be Mickey and Friends. You can meet Mickey at the Town Square Theater, you can meet Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy at Storybook Circus, and Pluto and Chip and Dale meet in Town Square throughout the day.

Peter Pan

Another great movie to work with is Peter Pan. Peter Pan doesn’t have a designated meeting spot, but he likes to wander around Fantasyland, so you never know when you’ll run into him. You can also meet Tinkerbell at Town Square Theater. Peter Pan is a very interactive character so it would create a great meet if you were disneybounding as Wendy, Hook, Smee, or even a lost boy.

Assorted Princesses

There are a few princesses at Magic Kingdom that you can meet at Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland: Rapunzel, Tiana, and Elena. You could create an out inspired by one of them or by someone in their movie. For Rapunzel you could dress like Flynn Ryder, Pascal, or even Mother Gothel. For Tiana, you could dress like Prince Naveen, Charlotte LaBouff, or Dr. Facilier. For the Elena franchise you could dress like Princess Isabel, Naomi or Gabe.

Winnie the Pooh

For those that are not into the princess Disneybound, Winnie the Pooh may be a great idea for you. At The Crystal Palace you can meet Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore at all meals. There is The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride that would make a great backdrop for photos, and lastly you can meet Pooh and Tigger at a character spot in Fantasyland.

Beauty and theBeast

Another movie that has multiple meeting options and characters throughout the park is Beauty and the Beast. You can meet Gaston in Fantasyland, Belle at Enchanted Tales with Belle, you can meet the Beast at dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant.

Other Characters

Some other characters that you may find throughout Magic Kingdom are Aladdin and Jasmine in Adventureland, Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins in Liberty Square, Merida in Fantasyland, and Aurora, Snow White, and Jasmine may make an appearance at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Wrapping Up

Disneybounding is a fantastic way to add some extra fun to your next WDW adventure.. There are plenty of ideas for the whole family to dress up, or even just one person, to match their favorite characters or movie. Have you ever worn a Disney inspired outfit to the parks? Share your ideas for dressing up in the comments. Or, until next time, have a magical trip!

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