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Starbucks at Disney World: How to Maximize Your Dining Credits

By December 17, 2018Tips & Tricks

When visiting Walt Disney World, it may be confusing to see other visitors wandering around with Starbucks cups when you haven’t seen that classic sign for your favorite mass-market coffee shop during your travels around the parks. Have no fear, Starbucks is present in each of the WDW parks, but each location goes by a different, Disney-themed name.

Below you’ll find a handy guide that’ll help you find these hidden coffee gems in each of the WDW parks.

Magic Kingdom

Main Street Bakery

In The Magic Kingdom you will find Starbucks on the right side of Main Street as you head toward the castle, called The Main Street Bakery.

Hollywood Studios

The Trolley Car Cafe

In Hollywood Studios you will find Starbucks at The Trolley Car Cafe, which is at the corner of Hollywood and Sunset.


Fountain View

Animal Kingdom

Creature Comforts

In Epcot you will find Starbucks at Fountain View. If you walk toward the World Showcase it is on your right after you pass the entrance to the Character Spots.

In Animal Kingdom you will find Starbucks at Creature Comforts, which is located on the left side of the road just before the bridge to Africa.

Dining Plan Tips

If you are taking advantage of a dining plan, one of the best places to use a snack or even a quick service credit is at Starbucks at Disney World.

Almost all drinks fall under the snack credit category. Want a tall (small) iced coffee? That’s one snack credit. How about a venti (large) Frappuccino or latte? Also one snack credit. You can get as many add-ins as you want without any extra costs. This includes items like espresso shots or flavors. These items could regularly cost you between $6 and $8, so they really maximize the value of a snack credit. You can also use snack credits to purchase drinks from the coolers located throughout the store that include items like bottled water or Powerade.

There are also a number of food items you can use a snack credit to purchase. Traditional Starbucks goodies like yogurt parfait, pound cakes (lemon, pumpkin, banana, etc…), scones, and cookies are all valid purchases. You can also use a snack credit to snag a 3 pack of cake pops or a 3 pack of the petite vanilla bean scone. The Starbucks at Disney World also have a plethora of signature items, like the giant Mickey cinnamon roll or Star Wars cupcakes at Hollywood Studios. A lot of these items can be seasonal so make sure you check them out with each visit.

Something I learned on our last trip was that you can use Quick Service credits at the Starbucks at Disney World, a beverage and a breakfast or lunch sandwich qualifies as a quick service meal. The breakfast sandwiches by themselves do not qualify as a snack credit. If you are struggling to use quick service credits, this may be a great option for you.

Some general tips when using the dining plan at Starbucks at Disney World include:

  • If you are using both dining credits and cash or a credit card you have to make separate transactions. One for the dining credit purchases and one for everything else.
  • You can use your Starbucks card to pay for items, and earn stars, but you can’t redeem Starbucks rewards at the Starbucks at Disney World.
  • You cannot use mobile ordering at Starbucks at Disney World. The lines may seem long but they move fast!
  • There are 2 Starbucks at Disney Springs, they are traditional Starbucks, so you can mobile order and redeem rewards, but they also accept the Dining Plan.
  • You can use Disney gift cards at the locations within the parks.

Wrapping Up

If you plan on getting Starbucks at Disney World every day, this may be a great way to use your snack and quick service credits. Also, make sure to check out the merchandise. The parks locations have unique collectibles, like the You Are Here mugs, which change occasionally. They also have one unique Disney cold cup, unfortunately only in a Venti size. Make sure you check them out before you head home.

You Are Here Mugs

If you have any questions the cast members are all well educated on what you can order on the dining plan, and will encourage you to go big to maximize the value of your credits.

Have other Starbucks at Disney World tips or tricks? Share them with us in the comments section below. Or, until next time, have a magical trip!

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