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Tips on Getting Souvenirs Home from Walt Disney World

Going on a vacation to Walt Disney World is a lot of fun, but there tends to be a lot of souvenir buying, especially if you have children. And if your children are anything like mine they will want those large stuffed animals or large plastic figurines, or you may have collected one too many Disney mugs. So what can you do with all the stuff you bought, how can you make sure it gets home?

In this post, we’ll outline some ways to make this process a bit less hectic and difficult.

Bring an Extra Suitcase

This may seem silly, but if you have room, pack an extra duffel bag or gym size bag in your suitcase. That way if you have any large items, or too many items, to fit in your suitcase, you have another option.

Ship Home

There are actually a few options when you are in the parks for how to ship souvenirs home. One of them is shipping to your home. You will need to fill out a form in the shop you purchased the item in, and then choose between express and ground shipping. In the case where an item doesn’t show up or arrives damaged, you can call Disney with all the information on the form and they will help you get your purchase, or help with a undamaged product.

Shop the App

In the My Disney Experience App, you can now shop some of the items that can only be found in the Parks. Not everything can be purchased via the app, so if you are curious, you can scan the item you are unsure about and the app will tell you if you can purchase it there, or if it is only available in parks, and that may help you decide.

Wrapping Up

You have more options at Walt Disney World on getting souvenirs home, then you do at most vacation destinations. Have you ever used Disney’s shipping services? If not, do you think you would want to? Let us know in the comments. Or, until next time, have a magical trip!

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